Everards Meadows

Fuelling the meadows

Café / bar opportunity

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A key feature of the meadows

About the café/bar & restaurant

The café/bar and restaurant will be key features of Everards Meadows and provide food and drink day and night for the many types of visitors who are there for all sorts of reasons.

Perhaps they are visiting the brewery, enjoying a family day of cycling or making a special trip to eat, so this will need to be open for them from morning until night. They are new builds and there is scope to get involved with the development of these sites.

We’re looking for talented partners to lead the activities in the café/bar and restaurant either themselves or to lead a collaboration with other great offers as there will be a few pop-up areas which can be used for other food or drink… or anything else which may appeal to visitors. There are a number of opportunities - the cafe/bar itself, the restaurant and five food and drink kiosks.


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There are lots of opportunities for this area and we'd love to discuss them with you, so please get in touch if you have any ideas or would like to know more.