Everards Meadows

Fuelling the meadows

Café & Cycle Centre

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A key feature of the meadows

Café & Cycle Centre

A vibrant hospitality and leisure space, Everards Meadows will have it’s own cafe and will also feature a Cycle Centre with fellow local business, Rutland Cycling, all nestled amongst green fields and new cycle paths.  It will also be the new home of Everards and its brewery.

Offering food and drink, there will be scope for events and the building naturally connects to the outdoors too.  The site has a great location close to the M1 and major roads plus it’s next to the expanding Fosse Park Shopping Centre which draws visitors from all over the county and beyond.

This will be a natural gathering place to stop for a while to have a coffee, a bite to eat and meet friends.  There could also be opportunity for more formal dining occasions and events both standalone and to complement events happening with the Everards Meadows site.

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Our friends at Jennos Coffee House tell us what we can expect at their new coffee house opening at Everards Meadows in Summer 2019.

We are so excited for the first phase of Everards Meadows with our friends at Rutland Cycling.


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